Welcome to GUCF.  We will try to offer products safe and reliable products. We will offer high-definition products for small lot.
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Thank you very much for accessing our website of all websites.
GUCF Company has produced AC adapters and sources of openframe since 2006.
We specially have expanded the Chinese market for high dignity and high-end product since we set up a business.
Because Chinese makers have export the merchandise to the West and Japan and customers have hoped to contact with Japan, Japan foundation make a start.
Also, we will sell customers who are in small lots, for example industrial equipment maker and consumer products manufacturers.
We receive orders for at least 100 lots, but we receive orders less than 100 lots on the situation. So, please consult us.
Safety is basically matter for demand to power sources. Our products are used in PC materials in all cases, and our products have an efficiency to absorb a rise of temperature at the end of electrolytic capacitor. Also, our products have protection circuit, OCP, OVP, OTP. So, if you make a mistake the way of use, our products are designed to be stopped safely.
Also, our idea of management is responding to requests from customers speedy, and we will try “quickly response”.

※1 the cases of generally AC adapter which are PC+ABS materials, and solvent temperature of PC+ABS materials is inferior to that of PC materials.
All products of GUCF use the parts of noncombustible grade VO which are made meet standards.